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What is Gynecomastia?

GYNECOMASTIA or abnormal chest enlargement is a common aesthetic problem among males. True gynecomastia involves proliferation of ducts beneath the nipple. A Pseudogynecomastia has fat and minimal ductal tissue beneath nipple.

Grades of Gynecomastia

Though there are various classifications for gynecomasita. Rohrich classification of four grades is most acceptable.

  • Grade 1 :Minimal hypertrophy (<250 gm of tissue ,no ptosis)
  • Grade 2: Moderate hypertrophy (250-500 gm , no ptosis)
  • Grade 3: Severe hypertrophy with grade 1 ptosis
  • Grade 4: Severe hypertrophy with grade 2 or 3 ptosis.

Causes & Symptoms of Gynaecomastia

  • True gynecomastia is due to excess of estrogen and decreased testosterone leading to proliferation of ducts beneath the nipple.
  • A pseudogynecomastia is usually fatty tissue with minimal ductal proliferation. This may be related to generalized increase in weight leading to excess fat beneath chest.
  • Apart from cosmetic deformity patients may complain of pain in enlarged glands. There may be other associated disorders leading to hormonal imbalance.

Treatment of Gynecomastia?

Medical management is helpful in very early cases less than 1year of duration. True gynecomastia of less duration may reverse once hormonal issues are reversed. Pseudogynecomastias can be tackled with lipo dissolve techniques initially. However, after 1 year surgical management is warranted.
Surgical treatment of gynecomastia has evolved from large inframammary excisional procedures to minimally invasive liposuction assisted gland removal.
Now it is a daycare procedure with minimum discomfort and downtime. Contact us for more details.

Why choose for Minimally Invasive Gynecomastia Procedure?

As Stated above minimally invasive techniques have more comfort, less downtime. The incisions are barely visible after few months. Patient can resume work faster in 1-2 days and start exercises in a few weeks.
In fact, we regularly have patients who resume work next day after procedure.

What is Minimally Invasive of Gynecomastia procedure?

Instead of wide inframammary scars minimally invasive gynecomastia procedure involves small 5mm incisions for liposuction of fat and periareolar hidden scars to remove fat. Since long incisions are avoided recovery is fast and relatively painfree.

Gynecomastia procedure cost in Delhi

Cost varies according to the comfort you choose.

Believe us when we say this your Gynecomastia grade will not change your cost at Essence. At a given centre grade 1,2,3 or 4 cost the same. Grade 1 or 4 will not change the cost. Cost varies according to the comfort/centre chosen not grades.

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Minimally invasive VS Traditional

Minimally invasive Traditional
Incision Size 1-2 CM 3-4 CM
Recovery TIme 1 Week 2-4 Weeks
Success rate Very High Low
Skin tightening Uniform Non-Uniform
Pain Painless Painful
Chance of Scars Invisible Might Leave Scar
Anesthesia Required Local General

Why choose Essence Cosmetic Clinic?

We are a team of plastic surgeons. When you choose essence you don’t get one doctor but a team of plastic surgeons looking after you.
We have attachments in various hospitals across Delhi NCR and are able to provide comfort according to all budgets. Weather you want a affordable procedure or uber luxury experience we are up for it. Our attachments vary from good and reliable 50 bedded hospitals to big corporate chains.
We maintain absolute privacy for our patients. None of your details/ photos with identity are ever shared with anyone. Our surgeons operate only a fixed number of cases in a month so that the quality is not diluted. We make sure patients get best attention to details during procedure.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Mostly people get it done for aesthetic reasons. However, some people get it done for pain in the glands.

Once gynecomastia has been treated one feels instant improvement in confidence and outlook towards life. Suddenly you are able to wear those T-shirts and able to sit up straight without hiding.

Its almost a 100% in good hands. One may need small revisions a few weeks later.

Recurrence is rarely seen, once fat cells and gland has been eliminated chances of recurrence are nil.

No it won’t recur after procedure.

procedure takes around 2 hours. You can join work from next day if needed.

Medical treatment is only for early cases less than 1 year duration. For rest patients surgical treatment is the best option.

You can go home the same day and join work next morning.

Light exercises 1 weeks after the procedure

Heavy training can be done 3 weeks after the procedure.

They are used for 6 weeks after the procedure.